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Welcome to FlippO, please feel free to browse our listings of Online Businesses for Sale. You can also advertise with us and sell your business with us!

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Simply sign in to your account or set up an account and follow the prompts.

Verify you are the owner of the web property watch the video  SELL ON FLIPPO 

Please ensure that what you advertise is accurate and true.  
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Browse Websites for Sale  to view Online Websites for Sale. To contact the seller please sign in to your existing account or sign up for a new account. You can then liaise and communicate directly with the seller by bidding offer or buy now options you have. watch the video  Buying ON FLIPPO 

FlippO Payment Methods 

 Escrow.com #1 Payment solution for buying and selling online assets for over a decade.

 Paypal.com when you pay with PayPal on any website PayPal Purchase Protection covers you if you have a problem.

 Stripe.com Stripe is a popular payment processing and merchant services company. It is accredited with the BBB and maintains an A+ rating.


Tips and Advice

Buy in accordance with your strengths!

Are you an experienced web designer? ... look for a website that is lacking in design but has good revenue, good search engine rankings and/or high traffic and hit rate. Search Business for Sale Australia

Are you good at online marketing? ... look for a well designed website that is in need of marketing and advertising. Or consider purchasing a ready-made Online Business for Sale from FllipO, all of their online businesses included a complete marketing and advertising package and loads of free advertising!

Are you new to the game? .... look for an online business that includes training and support. Having access to on-going training & support, and if possible someone to assist you when you are just starting out, can be invaluable. Having to pay for training and technical support can be very expensive! Mistakes that you make, can also cost you time and money and be a huge set back for your business.


Where, Who, Why, How Much.

Where are customers coming from?

Who are the customers?

Why are they visiting?

How much traffic?

Checklist for buying an established Online Business, that has previously been trading;-

Is it a profitable business? Have your accountant go over all financial / profit and loss statements.

Why is the business being sold?  Does it have a good reputation?

What is the domain name history? Is it a good one? 

What training and support will you receive from the owner?

What guarantee do you have that the owner won't setup another online business exactly the same as the one they are selling?

What type of tax will apply? Consider Capital Gains (CGT), Goods & Services (GST) and Stamp Duty implications.

Has the website or domain name ever been blacklisted?

Does the business email have a history of being blacklisted or for spamming?

What about copyrights, trademarks and transfers/proof of ownership of the website, graphics and logo?

What is the history with clients and customers, is it a good one?

Do they have a good online reputation? A bad reputation or history can be crippling for any business and impossible to overcome.

Does the business have any outstanding debts? What refunds and warranties could you still be liable for?

Most Important

Always seek your own legal advice from a lawyer or solicitor, preferably one that has experience in handling the sale of Online Businesses in Australia. Always perform the necessary 'due diligence' before purchasing any previously owned business. There are many perils and pitfalls, and possible legal implications associated with the purchase of any established and previously owned business. Be sure to do your own homework and 'if in doubt' ...... why not take the 'safe approach' and consider starting your own Online Business with the support of a professional like  Home