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Flippofficial.com is the No. 1 marketplace to buy websites and sell websites. Buying and selling domains is also a part of our niche and the market we trade into. The Idea to provide an easy platform for website or domain buyers and sellers, gave birth in 2008, but came into existence in 2011. Good things do take time to setup!


We’re dedicated to the marketplace, so the entire buying and selling experience is tailored to make it as easy and secure as possible. If you are interested in either selling a website you own or buying an already existing website, you will soon discover that there are not too many places on the web that can help you. We are one of the very few places on the Internet to offer a whole suite of tools to simplify the process for buyers and sellers of existing websites. We serve across all needs and budgets of all kind.




Our goal is to bring sellers and buyers of web sites together and to simplify the sometimes complex transactions of selling or purchasing such "online properties".

We  charge lower commissions for any successful sale of a website or domain, thus making it easy on seller's pocket.


Buying a website is not a simple matter. There are many issues to consider when entering into such a transaction. A website is generally made up of different components. The domain name, the textual content, custom graphics, logos, trade names, licensed material, copyrighted material, custom software and code, servers and web hosting agreements, technology content, accounts receivables and much more. We can help you make sense of everything and can even point you in the right direction for transactional help.


If you want to sell a website that you own, simply enter the basic information in the form provided and your listing will be added to the growing list of sites available for sale. We offer standard listings for a nominal fee, and we also offer premium listings that provide sellers more exposure to potential buyers.

Interested buyers can look up available sites by searching our database with keywords, site categories, price range and more.

Buyers can contact sellers directly through our private message system (prevents spammers), if they see a site, they are interested in purchasing or obtaining more information about.

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